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*All times are in the eastern time zone*



Airs every Saturday at 2100 (9PM) and is also LIVE! Highlighting Veteran issues, Veteran Owned Businesses, organizations, nonprofits as well as civilian ones that help Veterans and their families! Real Veterans talking like they did back in the barracks!

Service Dog Show with PTSDog:

Airs every other Sunday at 2000 (8PM). Educating you about the American's With Disabilities Act and all things Service Dog/Animal related.

Honorable Discharge:

Airs on Wednesday at 1700 (5PM). Comedian, Ron Ripley sits with Veteran guests [and some famous guests!] in Studio 395 to talk about their Military careers, what they're doing now and just being as slutty as possible!

Marquis' Dirty Thirty:

Airs every Saturday at 2000 (8PM). And this is one show you shouldn't miss. From every topic you can think of, Marquis hits on it and rants about it. Feel like debating him? Head into the chat room, Facebook or on Twitter and debate right along with him!


Airs on Saturday at 2000 (8PM) & 2330 (1130PM) once a month [new episodes] and is a seasonal show. David Libby brings on various entertainment [musical] guests to talk about their life, where & why they got sarted and much more!

Barracks Party:

Is NEVER a scheduled show. Please be sure your notifications are enabled on our Facebook & Twitter pages to know when one is happening!


The UP IN ARMS Podcast:

Airs on Thursday at 2000 (8PM). Get your fix of straight, no bullshit and no censorship Veteran talking.

Media Litter Sandwich:

Airs on Tuesday at 1900 (7PM). Hear the video podcast that deals with geeking out and randomness in the world, with Toaden!

Security Sucks Podcast:

Airs on Monday at 1700 (5PM). Uncensored, straight-to-the-point conversations with those in the security contracting business. From Veterans to civilians, find out what it takes to be contracted security personnel. Serious stories to hilarious flashbacks, this Canuck's show is one you can't miss!