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Jun 2016

Slacker Needs DV

June 15, 2016


Slacker is launching Frontline Radio

What is Slacker?

--Slacker is a music streaming service (like Pandora) that specializes in hosted, curated radio.

What is "Frontline Radio"?

--For the 4th of July, we [Slacker] are launching a new station called Frontline Radio

--Frontline is designed to be a station dedicated to and built by those who were on the battlefront, composed of songs that soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines listened to during combat, laying in their bunk, or just trying to escape the war for a few minutes.

—The idea for Frontline was brought to us by a former airman who served in Iraq

—We’ve reached out to D.V. For help in getting the word out about the station, so we can collect song requests and the stories behind them

What does Slacker want/need?

—We’re looking for song suggestions and we’re looking for the stories behind the songs. 

—We’re hoping to get everyone to include their names, branch of service, country served in and the years you were there

—Most of all we want to open up the station for you to tell your stories…ranging from 30 seconds to a few minutes in length.
Here’s an example:
My name is Alex Garcia from Houston Texas, and I was 22 years old when I was assigned as a tail gunner for our little 4 vehicle team. We were all Air Force guys so we weren’t seen as anything too hardcore but we still had a job to do. I was nervous before our first mission and my superior could tell. A few minutes passed and he busted into my conex and was singing Neil Young, Keep on Rocking in the Free World. He patted my back and said its time to earn your pay Airman. From that moment on I listened to that song before every mission…so I wanna hear it right no on Frontline Radio.  
Your stories can be about how songs related to emotional incidents or just every day life in the barracks. 
We’re hoping that we can provide veterans with a listening experience that they can relate to—but also something that non-military personnel can use to understand what it’s like to serve our country while in harm’s way.
Please forward your songs and stories to email FrontlineRadio@slacker.com
We’re hoping to get some MP3s of actual audio, but will also happily accept written stories that our DJ’s can read on your behalf!

Check out Slacker's website: www.slacker.com

Like and follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Slacker/

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DV Radio, Dysfunctional Veterans, DV6, Bo Nur Wood and the entire DV and DV Radio Network staff would like to extend their hands, thanks and welcomes to Slacker Radio. We are absolutely ecstatic and beyond words to be able to have been asked, by them, to ask the veteran and active duty world(s) to work with them to make Frontline Radio. The future looks beyond bright and full of more than either of us can imagine and we cannot wait to see what all of this builds into. If you would like to send in your story and song(s) please email them to frontlineradio@slacker.com