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Jun 2016

Cherry AK

June 10, 2016

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~ Bo Nur Wood gives a huge announcement
~ Terpenes and cannabinoids
~ Vaping cannabis
~ Dosage techniques
~ Micro dosing, exercise and more
~ The Mechanic spoke about his cycling and his PTSD Awareness Page
~ The different types of strains and some effects


To View the Terpene Wheel for Symptom Treatment please click here.

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DV Radio, Dysfunctional Veterans, DV6, Bo Nur Wood and the entire DV and DV Radio Network staff would like to extend their hands, thanks and welcomes to Slacker Radio. We are absolutely ecstatic and beyond words to be able to have been asked, by them, to ask the veteran and active duty world(s) to work with them to make Front Line Radio. The future looks beyond bright and full of more than either of us can imagine and we cannot wait to see what all of this builds into. If you would like to send in your story and song(s) please email them to frontlineradio@slacker.com