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Jul 2015

The road to Gruntfest

Join us as we not only describe our road to Gruntfest, but we were also joined by Mike MacDonald. Chief got his ass off the couch to actually do a great interview. Listen in

Jul 2015

Grunt Style & Guardian of Valor

What a night of information and shenanigans! We were joined by Tim from Grunt Style as we discussed Grunfest 1, the DV Farm, and the history of Grunt Style Also on the show was Bulldog1 from Guardian of valor/ Stolen valor. We talked about all the great work they are doing for our community, plus we got some advice on the actions we should take when confronting possible cases.

Jul 2015

Battle In Distress 7/8

Join us as we discuss Battle In Distress with the director of the organization. If you or anyone you know needs help, send them a message on Facebook ASAP

Jul 2015

Fu*k Flag Burners

~ Dan flips a lid on Hipster Anarchists and News crews ~ The road to GruntFest1 Gerbil News Network ~ Exclusive interview with Jennifer Aniston ~ Probey Pranks ~ and much much Moist

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