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HOSTED BY: David Libby [www.WarriorService.org & www.SOSRAband.com]

Show Times on DV Radio:  One Monthly Show Unless Otherwise Noted

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Contraband is a monthly show [unless otherwise noted] where David Libby sits down with various artists and entertainers to find out what helped them get into the business and how music, movies, acting, etc. helps them deal with depression, PTSD, and a plethora of other problems that we as Veterans deal with on a daily basis.

Who Are We

After David Libby is a retired, 20-year combat Veteran. He's also the founder of Warrior Service and the band SOSRA. His "end goal" is to build a "retreat-esque" property where Veterans can go to throw away their addictions, get their lives back-on-track, learn useful skills (such-as: woodworking, mechanics, etc.) and live on the property until they're ready to enter back into the world. Through his music, he says what most Service Members and Veterans are thinking but in a colorful and descriptive way that is beautiful yet, dark for some; the music has meaning and emotion but its therapy for himself and those that listen to it are never-ending.

Links SOSRA & Warrior Service:

++Warrior Service: https://www.WarriorService.org

++ SOSRA: https://www.SOSRAband.com

++ Warrior Service Facebook: http://facebook.com/warriorservice

++ SOSRA Facebook: facebook.com/sosraband

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