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Disgruntled Discussions

Disgruntled Discussions

HOSTED BY: Chapi, Number 2 & Nevermore.

Show Times on DV Radio:  Wednesdays at 2000 (8PM) EST.

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The Disgruntled Radio Show

Disgruntled Discussions is a group of veterans having a weekly conversation about the shit that makes us disgruntled and the real-life issues going on in our community.

Who Are We

After coming home from Afghanistan, a group of three friends decided to create a Facebook page to help vent their frustrations and problems with living in a civilian life again. After a year of being home, we went from three friends venting, to a disgruntled community.

Mission Statement
We are a a group of American loving patriots and Veterans who are Disgruntled with the status quo. We aim to create a high standard for our products through motivation, determination, and a little bit of whiskey.

[NOTE: We also like Rip It Energy... A lot!]

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